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Posted on 09.20.2011 at 08:31
Off work today (but need to do a little mini-project to send off to the stores this morning). We're in the house, and are pretty much done. A bit of last minute putting away/organizing to do, hang pictures on the walls, and order our area rug for the living room. Then we're done.

I LOVE being in a house as opposed to an apartment. I didn't think it would feel so different but it does. Also LOVE having a grill. We've used it twice already with great success, and it's awesome how fast and easy dinner is with it!

So today! Need to get my mini-project done, then off to yoga, then to the farm to get this week's CSA share, then to meet the furnace guy here, and then to make osso bucco for dinner. A good rainy day plan!

Posted on 07.08.2011 at 14:03
Having a good & productive day off today! Got up early to get to the courthouse by 8 am to get my DBA for Lily Lou Design (my pet accessories company), went to 9:30 power yoga class, got groceries at Trader Joe's, and stopped by FIT 3 to take advantage of their going out of business sale. I was able to get 3 pairs of yoga pants that would have cost over $200 full price but I got them for $120 :)

Tonight Josh and I are going to try out the new Seasons 52 restaurant in the mall and see Midnight in Paris.

I love days like this!

Posted on 06.27.2011 at 19:28
Tonight: Swiss chard & bacon fritatta, side salad, and white wine!
Eggs, chard, salad mix, & onion from the local farm, bacon from the local organic butcher, white wine from a winery 45 mins away. Delicious!!

Also, the first tomato on our plant has started to turn red. I 'squeeed' out loud when I saw it this morning.

Posted on 06.14.2011 at 21:31
Picked up our CSA for the week today -
garlic scapes
green garlic
1 kohlrabi (what do you do with one sad single kohlrabi?!?)
dandelion greens

Tonight we sauteed the chard, dandelion greens, and beet greens that we had left from last week up in some olive oil with thinly sliced onions and minced garlic. Served the greens cheater-style over frozen mashed potatoes from Trader Joe's. Yum!!!

The week since my last update has been good. Worked on Saturday and got to see a lot of customers that I'd missed while hiding in the office. Sunday was the company summer party which was fun - I made tomato, watermelon, & feta salad which was delicious (though Josh didn't like it due to his hatred of melon). I also went to my first intermediate yoga class on Sunday and it was fabulous - I was able to do an arm balance that I'd never been able to do before! Lots of fun - I'll definitely be attending it every Sunday that I can.

Also, I got the 4th of July Lily Lou scarves into the stores last Friday and over the weekend, nearly all the larger sizes have sold through. Good news and bad. I quickly ordered more fabric and will sewing like a madwoman over the rest of the week to get replacement stock into the stores before the weekend.

As for today, my day off, it was a busy one. Bank, post office, groceries, pick up CSA, yoga, return items at the mall, buy fathers day cards, drop things off to be altered, and then home again, home again jiggedy jig. I did not get everything on my list crossed off, but it's only 9:30 and I still have tomorrow morning and evening.

Posted on 06.10.2011 at 06:48
So maybe I wasn't as good as I planned to update each day about the tasty dinners from the CSA. No matter, here's a quick recap:

Tuesday night-
Warm spinach & arugula salad with moroccan spiced chickpeas and charred red onions
* This didn't actually use any of the CSA items, but I had to use up a bunch of spinach we had in the fridge.

Wednesday night -
Greek salad with marinated radishes and feta on grilled bread
Used lettuce from the CSA; other ingredients bought. You wouldn't think a salad and couple pieces of ciabatta would be so satisfying!!

Thursday night -

CSA Dinner 6/9/11

How gorgeous does that look???

THis is pasta with fava beans, pesto, and sausage. The pesto we made fresh using garlic scapes and basil from the CSA. The fava beans are also from the CSA; neither the husband or I had ever had them before. Though they were a pain in the but to shell, they were super delicious and buttery. The sausage is a rabbit, pork, & thyme sausage we got at Eastern Market. Just 8 oz of it, so the meat was more like a seasoning than the main event.

Tonight we're doing something with our CSA chard. There's always lots of greens in the first month. Not a bad thing though!

CSA Kick Off!

Posted on 06.07.2011 at 08:40
The CSA that the husband and I did last year starts up again this week. To be exact; I go to pick up our produce today!!! We are lucky to live close enough to the farm that we can just pick up our shares. It's convenient to be able to go over most any time and when their farm stand opens up, we can also purchase any extras we want.

Each week, the farm sends out an email the night before telling us what to expect in our box. Here's what they listed for this week:

garlic scapes
green garlic
swiss chard
fava beans (maybe have them with liver and a nice chianti?)
lemon basil or sorrel
lettuce mix
beet greens
baby leeks

I love how the CSA forces us to eat pretty seasonally and also to 'think on our feet' rather than just making whatever we want out of cookbooks. I'll try to keep up with posting about all the goodies we get and how we use them.


Yoga today at 9:30. Last night while futzing around I got to where I could do a wheel near a wall and then walk up the wall to standing. I'll keep doing this and soon I should be able to stand up from a wheel with no wall at all!! Josh says it's very impressive but I look kind of spider-y doing it, which is funny.

Posted on 01.05.2011 at 22:57
2011 is starting off pretty well -

I'm making a batch of Valentine's bandanas to sell to the stores - didn't you hear? I made about a hundred XMas dog bandanas this season and our stores sold them like hotcakes!! Now I have a little cottage industry on the side of my day job :)

We finally contacted the butcher about doing a customized freezer package where we'll stock up on lots of stuff and end up saving some money; should hear back from him tomorrow.

I finally got the event location for our annual company meeting finalized, and am very pleased with how it all shaped up.

I went to yoga on Tuesday (New Years Resolution #2 - go to yoga at least once a week). It was really fun (I did a headstand!!! With the teachers help, but still- yay!),but now I feel like I got beaten up.

The plan to pay off our credit card debt is working, and we should be debt free by the end of February :)

However, on the down side, one of my favorite employees is moving away. Now we have to hire someone to replace him, which I hate because A) I hate hiring, interviewing, training, etc, and B) this particular employee is Awesome and we're going to miss him lots :(

Posted on 12.13.2010 at 20:13
I'm not going to lie; I kind of love 'The Sing Off' on NBC.

Posted on 10.05.2010 at 23:07
Argh, I have not kept up with the whole food blog thing. Well, tonight I made butternut squash risotto with sage & bacon, from It was quite delicious and we finally got to use up the squash we had in the fridge :)

On another note, while I've been working on store window displays this evening, Josh & I watched 'Get Him to the Greek', which was hilarious (and Russell Brand may now be on my list) and now I'm watching part of the documentary 'Pageant' about the "Miss Gay America" drag queen pageant. I really want to go to a drag show now. If anyone knows of any good shows in DC please let me know.

Posted on 09.30.2010 at 20:37
Josh said that we should have some sort of food blog because of all the fun stuff we make for dinner each night. Also, since I know I don't post on here enough, I thought that I'd have something to post about most evenings :)

So! Tonight we made BBQ Black Eye Pea - Collard Green Rolls, from the Veganomicon cookbook. It was delicious and easy and even vegan. Josh & I are both trying to get in shape and have started tracking our calories & exercise on Combining that with trying to use up all our CSA veggies (the fall session has started!), we're eating lots more vegetarian & 'non meat focused' meals.

I would have included a photo of tonight's dinner, but we already ate it. Sorry!!

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